Superior Single Room

Our superior rooms are meticulously designed to provide comfort and convenience to our guests. They are well-appointed and feature the following amenities:

Central air conditioning for a comfortable and pleasant environment.
Satellite TV for entertainment options.
Fast internet connection to stay connected and browse the web.
A fridge to keep your beverages and snacks cool.
In addition to these standard amenities, we also offer fast internet access in all public areas through our WiFi network. You can enjoy seamless connectivity throughout your stay.Our accommodations are nestled amidst beautiful botanical gardens and serene lakes, creating a tranquil and enchanting atmosphere. You will be immersed in our special world, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Throughout your stay, you will be delighted by small surprises and thoughtful touches that enhance your experience.Come and experience the comfort and serenity of our superior rooms. We look forward to welcoming you to our special haven.

1 Bedroom Flatlet

Our one-bedroom flatlet with a living room is the perfect choice for guests who prefer a self-catering option and a bit more space. The flatlet comes with a mini kitchen and is equipped with the following features and amenities:

  • Bedroom: The flatlet includes a cozy bedroom with a comfortable bed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.
  • En suite bathroom: Each flatlet has a private bathroom attached, providing convenience and privacy.
  • Living room: Our one-bedroom flatlet comes with a spacious living room, providing guests with a comfortable space to relax and unwind.
  • Mini kitchen: The flatlet comes with a mini kitchen, allowing guests to prepare meals and snacks from the comfort of their own room.
  • High-speed internet: Stay connected with our fast and reliable internet connection, perfect for browsing the web or catching up on work.
  • Air conditioning: Our flatlets are equipped with air conditioning to ensure a pleasant and comfortable temperature.
  • Fine linens: Enjoy the luxury of high-quality linens for a comfortable and cozy sleep experience.

In addition to these amenities, our one-bedroom flatlet with a living room offers a peaceful and serene environment, allowing guests to relax and unwind after a long day. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, our flatlets provide the perfect retreat for guests who prefer a self-catering option and a bit more space.