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Learn More About IITA Hospitality 's Accommodation Services

International House serves as the main facility housing the reception and restaurant.

The Residential Block consists of various room types such as Superior single, Twin Ac, 1 bedroom flatlet & 2-bedroom flatlet, located just behind the main building.

Room service is not standard but can be arranged upon special request, such as when a guest is unwell.

Superior Single rooms are moderately sized for one person, yet the bed size can accommodate two.

Single Ac rooms are smaller, featuring a bed suitable strictly for one person.

Check-in time is 3 pm, and checkout time is 12 pm.


Understand How IITA Hospitality Works

You may submit your reservation request to iita-reservations@cgiar.org and follow up with a phone call if needed.

No, visiting without a prior booking is not permitted.

The swimming pool is accessible to resident guests, their visitors, and IITA staff only.

Restaurant access is contingent upon approval, even without a reservation.

Cab services are not offered, but arrangements can be made through the IITA transport unit, subject to availability, and limited to locations within Ibadan

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Our Testimonials

What Our Guests Say About Us

Aisha Johnson Environmental Researcher

IITA Hospitality truly redefines sustainable hospitality. From the eco-friendly accommodations to the locally sourced cuisine, every aspect of my stay was a delightful reminder of IITA's commitment to environmental stewardship. The guided nature tours were a highlight, offering invaluable insights into the region's biodiversity.

Michael Adebayo Conference Organizer

Hosting our international conference at IITA Hospitality's state-of-the-art facilities was a seamless experience. The team's attention to detail and sustainable practices made our event a resounding success. Attendees were impressed by the energy-efficient conference rooms and the delicious, locally sourced catering options.

Sarah Okoye Food Researcher

As a food researcher, I was blown away by IITA Hospitality's commitment to sustainable dining. Their innovative use of locally grown ingredients, like cassava flour in their artisanal breads, truly celebrates Nigerian culinary heritage while reducing their carbon footprint. A delightful and educational experience.

David Kamau Visiting Scholar

IITA Hospitality's research-focused accommodations provided the perfect environment for my academic pursuits. The tranquil surroundings, coupled with the sustainable amenities, fostered an atmosphere of productivity and inspiration. I'm grateful for the team's personalized service and eco-conscious approach.

Samantha Abbie Eco-Tourist

IITA Hospitality's eco-tourism offerings were a true highlight of my trip to Ibadan. The knowledgeable guides led us on immersive tours, allowing us to explore the region's rich biodiversity while learning about local conservation efforts. An unforgettable and educational experience that left a lasting impression.

Ahmed Bakari Event Planner

Organizing our company's team-building retreat at IITA Hospitality was a wise decision. The serene natural surroundings, coupled with the sustainable recreational facilities, provided the perfect setting for our employees to recharge and bond. The staff's attention to detail and eco-friendly practices were truly commendable.

Emily Ogunlesi Travel Blogger

As a travel enthusiast, IITA Hospitality's commitment to sustainable tourism practices truly resonated with me. From the efficient use of renewable energy to the locally sourced cuisine, every aspect of my stay was a celebration of environmental consciousness. I left with a newfound appreciation for IITA's pioneering work in sustainable agriculture.


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