Ogunsola Funke

A seasoned administrator with more than 25 years of professional work experience in Office Management, Communications, Capacity Development, Financial Reporting, and Conference and Event Management. A good team player, highly motivated with the ability to work independently and in a team setting sharing knowledge with others. I am a self-motivated professional with demonstrated ability to strategize for improved work systems and overall service delivery.

Possess excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with a keen ability to multitask a variety of challenges and responsibilities. Skilled in taking initiative as a leader, very logical and analytical in problem solving and negotiating for a win-win agreement. Demonstrated marketing capability to gain customer trust and provide exceptional follow-up leading to increased patronage. A prudent manager, and an achiever in meeting targets. Proficient in Microsoft word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. Outside official work, I love spending time with my creator.

  Telephone: 2691  |   Email: f.ogunsola@cgiar.org

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